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One of the lessons to be practiced in speech training is that of expressing a thought within a specific interval. The timer is the member responsible for keeping track of time. Each segment of the meeting is timed. Your explanation of your duties and report to the club should be communicated clearly and precisely. This exercise is an excellent opportunity in practicing communicating instructions, something that we do every day.

Prior to the meeting
Confirm scheduled program participants with the Toastmaster and general evaluator.

Confirm time required for each prepared speech with the speakers.

Write out your explanation in the clearest possible language, and rehearse it. Be sure to emphasize timing rules and how timing signals will be: given for the benefit of guests.

Upon arrival at the meeting
Arrive 5 minutes early before the meeting. Get timing, equipment from the Sergeant at Arms if they are not on timer table. Ensure you understand how to operate the stopwatch and signal device, and make certain that it is in good working order. Sit where the signal device can easily be seen by all (back center of the meeting room).

During the meeting
When introduced, try to explain the timing rules and demonstrate the signal device within 15 seconds. Throughout the meeting, signal each pro-ram participant as indicated below. In addition, signal the Chairman, Toastmaster and Table Topics master with red when they have reached their allotted or agreed upon time. Record each participant's name and time used. When called to report by the Topics master, Toastmaster and general evaluator, stand by your chair, and announce the speaker's name and the time taken. You may wish to state those eligible for awards, if your club disqualifies those who speak undertime or overtime.

Suggested times are:
Topics speakers, + - 15 seconds of allowed time;
Prepared speakers, + - 30 seconds of allowed time:
Ah counter and Grammarian. + - 15 seconds of allowed time;
all others + - 30 seconds.

After the meeting
Return the stopwatch and timing signal device to the Sergeant at Arms. Give the completed time record to the Secretary for recording speech times in the minutes.
Thu, Jul 02, 20Anton C
Thu, Jul 09, 20Gabriela Z
Thu, Jul 16, 20Gabriela Z
Thu, Jul 23, 20Cathy H
Thu, Jul 30, 20Elham S
Thu, Aug 06, 20Andrew H
Thu, Aug 13, 20Hellen Y
Thu, Aug 20, 20Peter L
Thu, Aug 27, 20Gabriela Z
Thu, Sep 03, 20Tracy D
Thu, Sep 10, 20Shaun M
Thu, Sep 17, 20Nayomi J
Thu, Sep 24, 20[Open]
Thu, Oct 01, 20Andrew H
Thu, Oct 08, 20Elham S
Thu, Oct 15, 20Sheldon B
Thu, Oct 22, 20Soula P
Thu, Oct 29, 20Nayomi J
Thu, Nov 05, 20Gabriela Z
Thu, Nov 12, 20Peter L
Thu, Nov 19, 20Amy P
Thu, Nov 26, 20Anton C
Thu, Dec 03, 20John Y
Thu, Dec 10, 20Darren S
Thu, Dec 17, 20Cathy H
Thu, Jan 07, 21Sonbol Z
Thu, Jan 14, 21Peter L
Thu, Jan 21, 21Sabal E
Thu, Feb 04, 21Nayomi J
Thu, Feb 11, 21Andrew H
Thu, Feb 18, 21Gabriela Z
Thu, Feb 25, 21Darren S
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