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Toastmasters Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm scared to death of speaking! Why should I look into Toastmasters?

A: EVERYONE is afraid of speaking. In poll after poll, "public speaking" comes up as more feared than "death." Public speaking is the nation's #1 fear. You are no different. Even if you think you're really good at speaking, there will come times when your heart stops and your palms sweat and you freeze before an audience. Toastmasters can help with that.
Remember that EVERYONE in a Toastmasters club is there because at some point they realized they needed help communicating and speaking before audiences. Almost everyone will remember how wretched they felt when they gave their first speech. You may be startled to find out how supportive a Toastmasters club really can be.


Q: Do I have to start speaking as soon as I join a Toastmasters club?

A: One of the nice things about Toastmasters in that you progress through the educational program at your own speed. Members generally start out by taking meeting roles such as Timer or Jokemaster. Some members ask to be on the speaking schedule immediately, but it has been known for a member to wait a year before giving their first speech.


Q: If I can't get on the speaking schedule what can I do?

A: It is the responsibility of the Education team to make sure all members get speaking opportunities. Supreme TD  Toastmasters has a goal setting workshop twice yearly when members have a chance to share their speaking plans. If you join at a time when the schedule is already booked up for the coming months, you should prepare a speech and be ready to speak if there is a cancellation. These happens often. You could also ask the Education team to find you an opportunity at another club.


Q: What is the mentoring program about?

A: A mentor is an experienced Toastmaster who has volunteered to help a newer member. It is up to the mentor and mentee to decide between them what the extent of this help will be. It is common for the mentor to help the mentee with his/her first three speeches. If you would like to have a mentor or a mentee, please contact an Education team member.


Q: What leadership opportunities within the club are open to me as a member of Toastmasters?

A: All clubs have a staff of club officers. These are elected once a year. Elections usually take place in May for the term July 1 to June 30. Club offices are open to ANY member. There is no reason why a new member cannot run for President without serving in any other club office. Visit the About Us section to learn more about each of the Club officer roles.

For more answers to your frequently asked questions visit the Toastmasters International FAQ page.

Please submit any additional questions to the Public Relations team.

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