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Supreme TD Toastmasters Club 
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Supreme TD Toastmasters Club Mission Statement

The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth. Toastmasters provides a friendly and encouraging environment in which individuals work comfortably towards their own objectives.

Supreme TD Toastmasters Club Executive

Each of the officers in a Toastmasters club has duties to fulfill in support of the members of the club. Toastmasters clubs have multiple officers both to spread the load and to expand the leadership opportunities at the club level.

Filling an officer role does not mean that you do the job alone; it means you are responsible to see that the job gets done.

Attend your training so you get the support you need to better serve your club.


The President presides at meetings of the Club, has general supervision of the operations of the Club. Serves as one of the Club's representatives on Area and District Councils.

Vice President Education

Plans and directs club programs which meet the educational needs of the Club members. Plans and publishes regular schedules of meeting assignments. Keeps track of member's progress towards goals. Serves as one of the Club's representatives on Area and District Councils.

Vice President Membership

Plans and directs programs to retain and increase club membership. Serves as one of the Club's representatives on Area and District Councils.

Vice President Public Relations

Develops and directs programs that inform individual members and the general public about Toastmasters International and about Club activities.


The Secretary is responsible for Club records and correspondence. Maintains the club roster. Has custody of the Club's charter, Constitution, Bylaws, and all other records and documents of the club. Keeps an accurate record of the meetings and activities of the Club.


The Treasurer is responsible for Club financial policies, procedures and controls. Collects dues and pays dues to Toastmasters International, and maintains records. Makes financial reports to the Club at least quarterly. Receives and disburses, with approval of the Club, all Club funds.

Sergeant at Arms

Prepares meeting room for meeting. Maintains Club property, including banner, nametags, and supplies. Greets visitors. Chairs Social and Reception Committees.

Immediate Past President

The Immediate Past President supports the club officers. The primary responsibilities of this role involve serving as a resource for new officers and ensuring continuity with past terms.

PositionMember NameContact Information
PresidentSheldon Bellsheldon.bell@td.com 
VP EducationGabriela Zentenogabriela.zenteno@td.com 
VP EducationDasong Zoudasong.zou@td.com 
VP EducationCathy Hanyiheng.han@tdsecurities.com 
VP MembershipSoula Peramatzissoula.peramatzis@td.com 
VP Public RelationsTracy Duantracy.duan@td.com 
TreasurerAndrew Heald 
SecretaryJohanna LaRosajohanna.larosa@td.com 
Sergeant-at-ArmsSarah Sarmientosarah.sarmiento@td.com 
Immediate Past PresidentJohn Yorkejohn.yorke@td.com 
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